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Family guarantee procedures

Family guarantee procedures

When living and working in Japan, many people want to bring their parents, wife or children to Japan but do not know how to guarantee family to Japan. TG Group will guide you through the procedures to guarantee your family member to Japan, especially your spouse.

Please keep in mind when you want to guarantee your relatives travel to Japan: only family members with whom you have blood relations in three generations are invited to Japan. Japanese nationality can also guarantee for a Vietnamese spouse's to Japan. In addition, you can invite one or more people at the same time.



Temporary Visitor Visa


When conducting the procedure of guaranteeing relatives to Japan you should remember

- Application for a visa to visit relatives in Japan will be conducted at the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam. All documents received will not be returned except for the guarantor's passport.

- The application will only be considered when the documents are valid (3 months prior to the date of issuance), so everyone should take remember this before applying for visa.

- The embassy's filing period will be one week (five working days) and may require additional documents.

- Visa is issued for short-term, valid for 3 months, during the valid visa period the beneficiary can go to Japan  any time from the date of receiving the visa.

- The person who is guaranteed to go to Japan can return to the country whenever they want, but must not exceed the visa expiry date. Visa applies only to one entry at a time.


Temporary Visitor Landing Permission


Required documents

For the guaranteed: The guaranteed is a person who is in Vietnam, and need a visa to Japan.

1. Passport

2. Application form (Embassy form)

3. Photo 4.5x4.5 (mm) according to the application form (white background)

4. Financial Proofs:

Include proof of income, savings book, housing property ... This is very important because if you do not qualify, it is very difficult to get a visa to Japan.

5. Documents proving relations with the guarantor

You need the following documents to be notarized:

- When inviting relatives: birth certificate, marriage certificate (if the spouse of the guarantor) ...

- Invite acquaintances / friends: general photo, email, international call details table ...


For guarantor:

1. Statement explaining the reasons for the invitation to Japan: The purpose should be clear, specific should not be written in general.

2. The list of guaranteed people if you invite two or more people.

3. Schedule in Japan: Specify the time of entry, the time of exit along with the airport name, the flight codes of the airlines will use.

4. Letter of Guarantee

5. Proof of guarantee: Include proof of income / tax, savings book ...

6. Citizens' card

7. Copy the front and back of the residence card

8. Copy of Passport: Need a photo page with personal information and sites related to residence permit.


Hope the information above will help you to know more about procedures for sponsoring relatives to Japan. Good luck!