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Change of Status of Residence (Working Visa)

The majority of international students in Japan desires to study and work in Japan since long time ago. Once you have graduated from a college/university with a Japanese certificate, you can transfer your student visa to working visa.


How do you transfer from student visa to working visa?

Upon successful completion of a professional program and obtain of Japanese language certificate, international students have the opportunity to switch to work visas, in particular technicians or engineers.


Who can transfer visa?

- For international students, before leaving for study in Japan, they have completed their professional training in Vietnam. Therefore, after completing the Japanese language program, you can carry out the visa transfer process immediately.

- For those students who have not completed their professional or technical qualifications, it is a good idea to take the appropriate course immediately after completing the Japanese language course. In Vietnam, professional education includes degrees from Intermediate, College, University.


How do you transfer from student visa to working visa?

Transferring from a student visa to working visa is not complicated. If you do not know the procedure of visa transfer you can refer to instructions below:

1. Visa transfer steps

Step 1: Find a job

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Prepare documents and submit to the immigration department

Step 4: Wait for results



If you do it yourself, the cost is negligible. If you go through the company, depending on your level of Japanese as well as your expertise, the cost will be different.


3. Document requirement:

- Application for certificate of eligibility

Note: It is different to Application for extension of period of stay

- Cirriculumn Vitae

- University degrees and transcripts (including translations copy)


4. Note:

- Do not use fake profile, fake degrees, false information

- Must obtain a copy of the application file (Application for certificate of eligibility, CV, transcript, University degrees, etc.) which Japanese Language School submitted to the Immigration Department.

- Have a sense of responsibility and do not give up midway.

- It is possible to submit your application to the immigration office by yourself.


5. Some helpful tips:

First: Can you leave your studying and apply for working visa?

Theoretically, if you had graduated from college or university in Viet Nam, you would have the right to apply for working visa while you are in study in Japan. If it is approved, you can leave your school and go to work.


Second: How do you apply for a transfer to "technician visa" from student visa?

The only way to make this transition is to find a company that agrees to recruit you.

You can find that company by yourself or through relationship. Besides that, getting in touch with companies that send engineers, they will help you find the company and guide you through the procedure. There are a lot of companies out there today. But you need to carefully select to avoid trouble later.


Third: How to minimize risk?

The least risky way is to combine the two ways, that is, you still pay tuition and go to school normally, but also apply to transfer from student student visa to technician visa. When all procedures was approved then  you  can leave school.

If you rush to leave school while you are not accepted for working, you will have to come back your country because the school do not accept you to study again.


Fourth: Can school make it difficult if students leave school for work?

In fact, there are no school like students to drop out of school for work because the school will reduce profit  and certainly many schools will make it difficult.

Often, the school will not refund your profile which the student has submitted before.

In fact, the school can not intervene to the Immigration Department to remove the student's residency status after they apply and be legally issued. The problem of paperwork, records, too, when you have asked the school is obliged to refund.


Fifth: What should you consider ìf you intend to study abroad but want to leave school midway to work?

The most important thing is to confirm that you have graduated from college or university in Vietnam when filling application form.

In addition, it is advisable to keep all records submitted to the school when applying for a residence status certificate. Finally, you need to make a certified copy of your degree and transcript, and other certificates (if any).


Here are some tips to help you easily transfer your student visa to working visa. TG Group wishes you to achieve your dreams in the country of sunrise!