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Why should you join in Japan Engineer (Techinician) Program?

Annually, Vietnam has about 200,000 graduated students. Of which only 20% of graduated students find the right job. Many students work in other field, temporary job, manual job while having a university degree.

Therefore, the technician program, also known as Japan Engineer is a program that is currently attracting many young people with bachelor degree, Engineer. Basic salary is about 180,000 yen (36 million VND) or higher.

This is a very high income relative to equivalent positions in Vietnam. Contracts and examinations are relatively simple to  graduated students who can join and have the opportunity to Exit in a short time. However, at least you have to know Japanese. In addition, in comparison to Japan Internship program, in all aspects and in the long run there are more benefits. Join to TG group to learn more about this program. 


1. Being an engineer, technician in Japan will have many benefits

- Candidates can apply and interview directly with the recruitment company in Japan.

- Candidates can work in Japan in the right discipline that you have been taught so that you can learn knowledge, improve and develop career later.

- Candidates can be employed directly from the company in Japan, and paid to work in Japan as an engineer, as well as working systems like native  people.

- Candidates will be being guided on visa completion, entry and exit procedures in the shortest time

- If passing the interview, candidates can get COE right away (the period takes maximum 3 months)

- Candidates who do not reach Japanese ability requirements when working in Japan shall be provided quick Japanese language training. 


2. So should you go to Japan as an engineer, technician or not?

Compared to Japan Internship, working in Japan as an engineer will have many advantages:

- You are recruited as an engineer, as an officially recruited employee of the company.

- You will be directly and fully paid from your employer (if you are a trainee, you have been pay via labour union, with many service fees deducted).

- If you work in Japan with a business visa you will enjoy the same benefits as native people.

- Depend on your working ability and ability to negotiate with hiring company, you can extend your working time in Japan up to 10 years. (if you are trainee, you will only be allowed to work in Japan for maximum 3 years and after the contract terminated, you must comeback country and not allowed to work in the same industry in Japan) or stay permanently.


 3. How much does it cost to go to Japan as an engineer?

- Normally, the labour must pay a cost  (including all documents, visa procedures, airfares ...) equivalent to one to two months salary of the employee. The average fee is between $ 1500 and $ 3,000.

- However, some companies cost higher fee to match the business cost, looking for customers, market development, search for partners who recruit engineers often cost a lot of money so this increase fee is hard to avoid.


4. Some important things you should concern when going to Japan as an engineer, technician

Japanese companies often recruit engineers, technicians whose major in mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics, automation, design, construction ... The working time will depend on the employment contract between the candidate and the employer, at least 1 year. After the contract terminated, you may extend your visa to continue working for the next 3-5 years. While working in Japan you can also sponsor relatives to Japan.

Call to hotline or send a question through comment box at the end of this article or online support on website for more advice about Japan Engineer (Technician) Program.


Good luck !